We have developed a modern data collecting systems that includes precise features and hosted on high-performance cloud servers. The systems was designed, analyzed, and programmed in a secure and robust software environment. These systems serves all parties involved; clients, visitors, participants, guests and exhibitors.

Our inhouse developed solution covers all aspects of event needs of any kind, with upmost accuracy and security. We are young professionals to make difference in local market while competing international market.


  • Instant auto generated Website for your project
  • Control panel to edit your website
  • Manage Accreditation and registrations
  • Receive messages from website
  • Task management
  • Expo management
  • Scanning tool for registrations through mobile devices
  • Scanning tool for check-ins through mobile devices


Accreditation teams are assigned with different zones, if the zone match for the specific person, The system shows GREEN otherwise RED , this is a smart solution to allow people for secure areas.


Online Registration can be viewed Online, and can be exported to as Spread Sheet at any stage. besides each event has its own Live Statistical Dashboard to overview their event, including:

  • Accreditations
  • Registrations
  • Teams Statistics
  • Overall Attendance
  • Teams Attendance
  • Multiple Attendances
  • Zone Attendance


Getting a complete solution from a single platform definitely saves lot of efforts including Time & money, for Example what you need from the start to end for your event:

  • A Website
  • Registration for visitors
  • Accreditation for your vendors and teams
  • Expo management
  • Badge Printings
  • Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Statistics & Reports to evaluate your event
  • Clean Database at the end
  • All of this you get and you control it from your control panel. this is the power we put in your hands