The House of Charity

The House of Charity Medical Missions aims to reduce burn injuries, deformities, and mortality worldwide. Our vision is for a world where all children have the opportunity to develop into healthy and compassionate adults, regardless of their fi nancial situation. Since our inception in 1997, we have helped more than 175,000 children in America and internationally. Our humanitarian eff orts have been recognized by the United States Congress and Senate. We have also received numerous awards from the communities we serve; however, the closest to our hearts are the handwritten thank-you notes created by the children. With this shared common belief that every child deserves to have a healthy life, we would like to schedule a medical mission to Saudi Arabia. The House of Charity’s Medical Missions Program focuses on providing FREE surgeries and medical treatment to children and young adults in their home countries. Highly qualified USA medical and surgical health professionals are assembled to travel where children and young adults are treated free of charge. Our programs provide:

  • Seminars and conference
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery and neurosurgery
  • Providing hands-on training for doctors and nurses.
  • Shipments of medical equipment and supplies to charitable hospitals. The containers are then distributed to remote regions, where they are used to help provide healthcare to those in need. The containers are equipped with the necessary medical supplies and equipment to provide quality healthcare to those in need. This ensures that the most vulnerable populations have access to quality healthcare.
  • If a child requires numerous and extensive surgical procedures, he or she is accompanied by a nurse from the host hospital when brought to the United States for treatment. While in Houston, Healing Home provides free convalescence that ensures that the child receives the best care and has access to the latest medical technologies. Also, the nurse from the host hospital receives medical training while in the United States.